Two Pie Charts in IELTS

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Two Pie Charts in IELTS

The presented pie charts illustrate the proportion of students in Great Britain who had foreign language skills in 2000 and 2010. The data is provided in 6 categories.

Overall, it can be observed that the share of students not capable of speaking a language apart from their native reduced significantly in 2010, while percentages in 5 other categories remained approximately the same. Besides this, Spanish was the most spoken language in the studied university.

Now, turning to the details, a vast majority of students were able to speak Spanish, which accounted for 30 and 35 % in 2000 and 2010 respectively. French and German ranked second, the latter being spoken more in 2000 with just under a quarter of the students. Through the studied decade, more people acquired a third foreign language, showing a rise of 5 percent. Apart from Spanish, German and French, students had a command of other languages, which made up 20 % in 2010 and only 15 % in 2000.


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