Тестирование IELTS: essay “Computers in our life”

Тестирование IELTS: essay “Computers in our life”

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Тестирование IELTS: essay “Computers in our life”

Тестирование IELTS является необходимым для всех кто планирует учиться или работать в англоговорящей стране. Writing является одним из самых непростых этапов подготовки к экзамену IELTS. Как репетитор ielts я регулярно обновляю список тем, которые я даю студентам намеревающимся сдать экзамен IELTS. Сегодня мы обсудим тему эссе IELTS “Computers in our life”.

Computers have been widely used in our daily life. How important is the computer in the development of modern society?

Тестирование IELTS : эссе 1

Evidence seems to suggest, that the XXI century has become the age of computers. They greatly impact us almost in all walks of life. We meet them at home, in transport, in airplanes, at railway stations, at work and even in bed.

It is common knowledge, that computer is a powerful instrument of calculation. Firstly, when we need to explore our profits, we use the computer for help. Secondly, we need the computer to calculate the taxes, we should pay. And, thirdly, all engineers, architects and other technical specialists need it to do research.

In addition to professional usage, the computer has brought people more benefits as a perfect communication device. For example, we post our photos and share out thoughts with hundreds of our friends in social networks. The modern human beings are able to chat to each other and to discuss every concern from cuisine and receipts to fashion and dressing. And, at last, we can study with the help of Skype and phone our relatives all over the world.

However, there are problems, or, in other words, negative side of computer century. For instance, we can loose a sense of reality, surfing the Net and collecting friends. That is because user may change name, age, place of leaving, sex and photo. In addition to it, computer games take much time from real life, studies and even work sometimes. So, from my point of view, we depend excessively on computers nowadays. Our banks, transport, medicine will have been paralyzed, if the Internet is switched off.

Generally speaking, the advent of the computer influences our society in a very strong way. It seems to me, that we are on the way to the better world with great opportunities in every city and even in every village in the countryside.

270 words

Тестирование IELTS: эссе 2

The world has stepped into the computer era. As a symbol of modern society, it has come into wide use and greatly promoted the development of our society. Nevertheless, almost every family in the world has a computer for the household use and despite all the benefits of computers it has some disadvantages for the society.

It is certainly true that the computer, as we all know, is a powerful instrument of calculation. All the companies and factories use it in offices and in workplaces to keep information and to perform different kinds of calculation. Besides, every individual user gains many profits from the computer by using many available applications and programs like photoshop or office. For example, computers can be used to make songs or videos, which are highly popular currently among people.

Furthermore, the computer as a perfect communication device has brought human beings much benefit. Thousands people all around the world use computers to stay in touch with their friends and relatives. Such programs like facebook and twitter are very beneficial and help people communicate to each other. In addition, conventional letters have been overcome by email, which is much faster, cheaper and more convenient.

It is quite true that the use of computers is not without problems. With computers people become lazier and less healthier. Lack of physical activities is a frequent reason of obesity. Moreover, it is argued that monitors have harmful radiation and it is a huge drawback. But all in all, the advent of the computer brings many exciting prospects to our society. This precious gift will further benefit the world, and hopefully it will help us to create a newer and nicer world.

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Тестирование IELTS: эссе 3

We live in a world of advanced technologies, and computers play a major role. For that reason it has come into wide use and greatly promoted the development of our society.

To begin with, computers are a powerful instrument of calculation. Likewise it can be used to perform different types of task impeccably well, faster and more accurate than a human. Secondly, another reason why computers are so important nowadays is that all new inventions are designed with a using this clever machine.

On the other hand, the computers can aid people in their daily life, because they are a perfect communication device. Most everybody uses computers to communicate with each other using internet. For instance, talking by skype is one of the popular means of communication. We can hear our friends and relatives around the world. In addition, there are a lot of courses for the people which offer online study. Because of this people with disabilities can receive education.

However, there are detrimental effects of computers. The main treat to young users of computers is internet games and open access to different kinds of video. The presence of sexual content or violence has a bad influence on the psyche of the children. It should be properly marked and parents are obliged to draw their attention to this issue.

To sum up, computers are practically irreplaceable and people cannot live without them anymore. In my opinion computers have contributed a lot to development of modern society and if they are used wisely , they will continue to increase the quality of our life.

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