Should Women Fight in Combat? (видео+лексика+вопросы)

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  • be allowed to serve
  • assign to combat units
  • barrier to promotion
  • have the necessary strength and stamina
  • internal dynamic
  • put women on special forces teams
  • gain favor with smb
  • miss out on critical training
  • receive the equal training
  • deserve to have the same opportunities
  • be more physically fit
  • move up in rank
  • natural urge to protect women


  • Why serving with women is so distracting to men? What consequences it may have when being on the line of fire?
  • Are women totally equal to men in case of training?
  • What causes barrier to promotion of women?
  • What may negatively influence the perception of females in the army?
  • What kind of urge is hard wired in men?


  • Honestly I think they should make a all female unit and make them prove themselves. Women can police their own better than man because when we police them its an violation.
  • Making an all female combat unit solves some of the problems like fraternization but it still doesn’t resolve the issue of physical strength you’d essentially be building an inferior fighting force compared to the existing force.
  • Having served 8 years in combat arms units I can say for a fact that the men are NOT trained to disrespect women in any way.  Jonas Rantanen Squatted 1267.7 lbs, Ryan Kennelly bench pressed 1075.0 lbs, Becca Swanson squatted  854.3, and bench pressed 600.8 lbs.  Even though Becca (the strongest woman who ever lived) who has the size and strength to be a lineman in the NFL would tell you that men are stronger than women and there are some jobs in the military that are to demanding for the vast majority of women. 
  • He’s not generalizing he is BIOLOGICALLY stating facts. the infantry is EXTREMELY demanding and has had much more negative effects on women then men. For women who have tried to engage in that training they have lost their fertility, lost extreme weight(cause for infertility), keep in mind these are already extremely fit women.
  • I feel like women can do other important jobs in the military that do not require direct combat. If women are captured, there is more for her to lose: rape and unwanted pregnancy. Why not study the natural strengths of females, and see how these can be integrated into the military to help special forces operations.


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