Подготовка к IELTS самостоятельно

Подготовка к IELTS самостоятельно

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Подготовка к IELTS самостоятельно: пишем эссе “Contribution of  the computer in the world of business”

Подготовка к IELTS самостоятельно – задача не простая, но выполнимая. С чего начать?

При самостоятельной подготовке к экзамену IELTS важным является работа с образцами IELTS эссе, которые уже получили высокий балл. Нашей целью является выявление структуры и тематической лексики, использованной в эссе.

Сегодня мы рассмотрим пример IELTS essay writing: “Contribution of  the computer in the world of business”

Перед чтением образца, внимательно прочитайте как оценивается IELTS writing essays и познакомьтесь с структурой эссе IELTS.

Cohesive devices for IELTS writing and speaking также помогут вам при работе с IELTS essay samples.

Ниже привожу образец сочинения моего студента на 6.0 band score.

What is the contribution of  the computer in the world of business?

IELTS essay 1

Soon after the innovation of the first computer in 1946, computers have been applied in the field of business. It is not exaggerated to say that most of the computers in the world are used in business nowadays. The changes the computer brings to business are, therefore, tremendous.

It is the introduction of the computer that releases businessmen from the tiresome, repetitive calculation work. Now computers are able to perform all kinds of computations and storage all information in one small hard drive. Businessmen are released from immense paperwork, which also requires a great deal of storage spaces for all the documents, papers and invoices. Whereas, a personal computer needs only a tiny spot under an office table and it is likely that they are going to more compact and more productive every year.

Furthermore, the development of computer application in business promotes progress, especially in the area of information processing. Currently, white-collared workers have hundreds of applications that make a significant contribution to a computation process. Besides, the computers are much faster in terms of processing information rather than the human beings.

In addition, the computer application in business brings dramatic changes. Due to personal computers and applications employees are able to execute many different types of work, such as calculation, printing and managing. Nowadays a businessman can do a few things at the same time. For instance, work with some applications, send an email and browsing the internet for required information.

So in this way, the computer brings structural change in business, higher efficiency and more profits. Besides, in the future computers will only enhance the standard of living.

270 words

IELTS essay 2

It is well-known, that the first computer was invented in 1946. And from that date it was used to meet the needs of business. It seems to me, that the computer has changed it a lot.

A great quantity of tiresome and repetitive business work was replaced from human being to computer. Undoubtedly, every accountant had had big shelves with papers, before the computer was introduced into this sphere of work. Certainly, any businessman widely uses email to expand the network of his clients. Definitely, they now buy an advertisement place not only in the streets, but also on different sites through the whole network.

The more the computer is applied in business, the more progress the latter makes. There is no doubt, that the computer’s introduction has made a significant contribution in business development. Managers nowadays use information technology to enhance the level of sales. They are able to explore the market environment in order to meet the needs of buyers. Surfing the Net, they also can collect all-round information on almost every topic they need.

At last, the advent of the computer has changed business dramatically. Of course, almost everyone knows online stores, where we can buy a lot of different things: foods, clothes, sports goods and so on. In addition to online stores, many new gadgets were invented, such as Smartphone or laptops. This has made our businessmen around-the –clock workers. As a general rule, work requirements for a new candidate contain good knowledge of computer as the first demand.

Generally speaking, the computer has changed not only the structure o business itself, but also its efficiency and profits. E-commerce is much quicker, than the conventional one. It helps to perform more deals at the same time. So, the computer has really changed everything in business.

300 words

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