Эссе IELTS : Animal protection

Эссе IELTS : Animal protection

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Эссе : Wild animals have no place in the 21st century. Some people think that preventing wild animals from dying out is a waste of resources. Do you agree? To what extend?

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The wild animal conservation is considered quite necessary today. Human civilization  has a considerable negative influence on the whole nature, not only on animal species, but they suffer from the process of human evolution to larger extent, than minerals or plants.  Some orators state, that we are losing a great deal of money, spending it on protection of animals in the wilderness. Their arguments are quite understandable: there are so many human beings starving from famine in war-torn countries or disaster-stricken areas, that every penny should be spent on humanitarian aid.

However, it is a universally accepted fact, that the imbalance of ecosystem is the first step to natural disasters and future starvation. The Earth is a unique planet with its biosphere, that produces oxygen and renews water. All these effects, as we can see from studying the Biology science, are the consequences of biological diversity not only of plants, but also of animals. We know some species to be bearers of the forest, and a good case in point are wolves. If we destroy them, a number of bacterias will increase, they will make forest suffer from different illnesses, caused by them, and water be spoiled. Finally, we will have a reduction of oxygen-production.

In addition to the mentioned above facts, wild animals bring us a feeling of vividness and harmony. I think that almost everyone likes posting photos or making videos of the wildlife. The nature is almost the last chance to have a rest of the accelerating pace of civilization.

Generally speaking, it is necessary to make a wide propaganda of the coexistence of human beings and animals, because we will be in profit in the long run, otherwise we will have to pay off for endangered species disappearing.

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It is not exaggerating to say that many kinds of animals are in danger as a result of human activities. There is a lot of controversy about how and to what extent we must protect them. Let us consider what people have achieved and what else should be done in this issue.

First and foremost, researchers know what species are under threat of extinction and pay special attention to them. It is well-known about special protected area, where it is forbidden to hunt animals or harm their habitat. Also there are numerous non-governmental organizations and societies striving hard for the protection of animals. As a consequence, at the moment it is beginning to lead to changes in this situation and we can see some positive effects.

On the other hand, a growing number of people feel that it is not enough because  many kind of beasts and fishes are still endangered. Many of the activities which harmful to living beings bring big revenue, therefore it is difficult to abandon them. But important step, which in part has already been taken, is to make more stringent punishment for violations of the law on the protection of animals.

Summarizing all written it should be said that, this is one of our main responsibilities to protect animals and ensure the best conditions for their existence. But I can tell from my own experience that we do not always put enough effort in this regard and we have something to strive for.

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