Как подготовиться к IELTS : topic Cell phones

Как подготовиться к IELTS : topic Cell phones

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Как подготовиться к IELTS : учимся писать эссе “Cell phones”

A Mobile phone plays a significant role; it affects all medical and social aspects of our daily life from both negative and positive sides. Do its disadvantages outweigh the advantages?

Как подготовиться к IELTS – этим вопросом задаются все, кто планирует сдавать этот экзамен. Написание письменной части является одним из самых трудных моментов подготовки к экзамену IELTS. Как репетитор ielts я думаю что имеет смысл создать список тем, которые я даю студентам которые ставят целью сдать экзамен IELTS. Сегодня мы обсудим тему эссе IELTS “Cell phones”.

Как подготовиться к IELTS : эссе 1

It is well known that cell phones take a significant place in our life as they give us mobility, availability and many other advantages. However, some scientific evidences seem o suggest that cell phone microwave exposure to our body has the potential of adverse health effect. We need to consider whether the benefits of using mobile phones are more meaningful than its disadvantages.

The first point to bear in mind is that a large number of mobile phones users enjoy the usage of their small devices because of the unlimited opportunities given by the numerous software applications that undoubtedly make our life much easier. For instance, “taxi finder” app allows you to get a taxi in a few minutes or the “weather app will inform you regarding the forecast for the nearest weekend and so on. Certainly, many other advantages like approachability and portability are also important to us.

On the other hand, telecommunications is a rapidly evolving technology that uses radiation for mobile communication. Approximately a half of all scientific researches that investigate the connection between the cell phone use and brain cancer have shown that microwave radiation can penetrate into the brain when we hold the phone next to the ear and cause brain tumors development.

In conclusion, I am convinced that the advantages of the cell phones outweigh the disadvantages. Nevertheless, people should be aware of possible health damages resulted by the radiation exposure especially children, and take precaution measures like talking time reduction or speaker enabling.

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Как подготовиться к IELTS : эссе 2

Over the last two decades, the issue of using mobile phones has been grown in importance. Many scientists are concerned about the influence of this gadget on human beings. Some of them claim that it does not affect our health, while their opponents have many doubts about it.  In my opinion, the upside is obvious, whether the downside should be better discovered.

The first and most important reason why the cell phone has become a part of our life is a sense of security. Being connected with others provides us possibility to be updated about many things which occur with people surrounded us. For instance, it is significantly important to us to keep in touch with members of family, or friends. Furthermore, mobile phone nowadays is a portable source of information. It is hard to imagine surviving even one day without mobile phone as we use at every day and everywhere.

Meanwhile, some adverse health effects have been associated with cell phone use, which widespread public health concern. Some studies have shown a correlation to brain cancer and mobile phone use. Moreover, many people have suffered from cell phone addiction. When the cell phone is got lost or has no battery they become anxious. They habitually look at their cell phones and do not concentrate on work.

Taking into consideration all mentioned above is clear that public will never refuse of using cell phone, however society should be aware about health hazards that mobile phone and moderated using is relevant.

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Как подготовиться к IELTS : эссе 3

Undoubtedly, cell phone is an irreplaceable example of the rapidly evolving technology. Although, this innovation seems to have both pluses and minuses. In the following essay I will discuss the issues of positive and negative aspects that the cell phone use has.

Talking about disadvantages it should be shown that a great probability of potential health risk is evident. Radiation which is produced by cell phones is blamed for DNA damage, tumor growth and decreased fertility. It is considered as a possible carcinogen. There is some concern that phone radiation can penetrate into the brain when you hold the cell phone next to your ear. Furthermore, it may actually cause the cells  to transform from normal cells to cancer cells. At the same time, the present life is hard to imagine without cell phone. This resulted in more severe cell phone addiction.

On the other hand, cell phone plays a significant role and gives us the unlimited opportunities with all the software applications. And certainly, they make our life much easier. Also, it is important for almost everybody to stay portable, approachable and informed. In other words, our life has become unthinkable without this device.

Summarizing all written I would like to express my point of view to the issue mentioned above. We can hardly do without it but we are able to reduce the adverse health affect by using earpieces, Bluetooth or hold the phone not too close to ear while talking. To my way of thinking the question whether the disadvantages of cell phone use outweigh the advantages is rather serious, controversial and open for debate.

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