IELTS эссе: topic OBESITY

IELTS эссе: topic OBESITY

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Как подготовиться к IELTS эссе: учимся писать essay «Obesity»

Nowadays more and more people get overweight. Is Obesity a Disease? Give your opinion.

Как подготовиться к IELTS эссе – ответ на этот вопрос волнует всех кто готовится сдать этот экзамен. Во время подготовки к экзамену IELTS, мы с моими студентами разбираем самые распространенные темы письменной части IELTS. Если вашей задачей является  сдать экзамен IELTS на высокий балл, нельзя игнорировать такую популярную тему, как здоровый образ жизни. Сегодня мы обсудим тему эссе IELTS “Obesity”.

Прежде всего, я рекомендую внимательно ознакомиться с тем, как оценивается IELTS writing essays и структурой эссе IELTS.

Ниже привожу образец сочинения моего студента на 6.0 band score.

Как подготовиться к IELTS эссе 1

It is well known that cell phones take a significant place in our life as they give us mobility, availability and many other advantages. However, some scientific evidences seem o suggest that cell phone microwave exposure to our body has the potential of adverse health effect. We need to consider whether the benefits of using mobile phones are more meaningful than its disadvantages.When it comes to the problem of obesity, it should be mentioned that an increasing number of high-weighting people is the question that concerns all doctors, especially those, who deal with heart, kidney and brain diseases. However, their attitudes to the topic of obese people are really different. For instance, on the one hand, the obesity can be attended as an illness with concrete symptoms, which needs a special medical care. Or, on the other hand, the blame can be put on an obese person themselves.

On the one hand, proponents consider the obesity is an illness. Their arguments are as follows: first of all, it is defined by genes, thus, should be studied by genetics, the second is that ill people can hardly control their eating process, the third is that the obesity dramatically influences the normal state of body functioning. For these reasons proponents state obesity is a disease.

However, there are a lot of opponents of this point of view. They stress, that the obesity is the result of the weak will, because it can be conquered completely with food limitation. They remind of positive influence of different physical exercises and psychological correction of meal consumption.

Summing up these two attitudes, it should be realized, that ill people need both: medical and psychological correction. I agree with proponents, stating the obesity is a disease, though, there is a great need in additional exercises and low calorie food, otherwise, it can lead to stroke, heart strike, problem of high pressure and even death.

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Как подготовиться к IELTS эссе 2

The issue of obesity has been debated in media by health organizations over the past few decades. Many specialists argue that overweight is an illness, while others suppose that it is a risk factor that causes the increase of morbidity and harm. From my experience and every day observation I think that both factors as wrong behavior pattern and genetic predisposition influence to some extend to disease development. I base my opinion on the following points.

First of all, obesity is excessive amount of fat in a body. A Person, on the one hand, starts to eat more than needs for physician’s body processes and on the other hand, lack of energy expenditure is occurred. Nowadays, it happens a lot owing to plenty of food and drink advertisement.   Sedentary lifestyle, for example, work in front of screen or watching television undeniably provides weight gain also. All these statements can contribute to developing obesity.

Other scientists suggest that obesity can be inherited like other genetic diseases and should be treated as illness. Such approach erodes people autonomy and makes them passive participants of their health. Moreover, scientists believe that the disease is arising from original imperfection in the function of some of the organs and government should to pay for advance obesity treatment and prevention.

In conclusion, taking into consideration all mentioned above it is obvious, that overweight has both factors such as genetic and behavior, which are responsible for this. The issue is  rather complicated and a suitable treatment should be found.

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