IELTS Writing Task 1: Process description, Power generation

IELTS Process description – это совсем не страшно, если следовать моей инструкции.


IELTS Writing Task 1: Process description в 3 простых шага:

Шаг 1️⃣ перефразируем задание (какой процесс показан на схеме)

The presented diagram illustrates the process of power generation at a station using hydro energy.


Шаг 2️⃣ описываем процесс в общих чертах:

Overall, it is clear that water goes through 4 reversible stages for electricity production. This process starts with rotating the turbine of the generator by the water flow from the high-level reservoir. The final stage includes pumping water back, and then the process repeats.


Шаг 3️⃣ Последовательно описываем основные стадии процесса:

According to the diagram, the main components of the system are the dam, constructed to ensure constant water flow down to the low-level reservoir, and the generator, enabling energy generation for supplying the national grid.

As shown in the diagram, the source of water comes from the river. At the first stage, in the day time, the river flow is directed to the turbine through the intake at the bottom of the dam. This is followed by the rotation of the turbine of the generator, as a result of this, electricity is produced and then supplied to the national grid for further use. Finally, at night, the water, stored in the low-level reservoir, is pumped back to the high-level reservoir. After this, in the day time, the process is repeated.

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