IELTS writing: essay

IELTS writing: essay

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: essay “Employment: Job interview”

IELTS writing essays – сложная часть теста, требующая не только знаний английского, но и навыков написания сочинений и эссе. Каждый кандидат принимает решение, необходимо ли прибегнуть к консультации репетитора ielts или готовится самостоятельно. При самостоятельной подготовке сдать экзамен IELTS возможно, внимательно проработав основные IELTS writing essays.

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Ниже привожу образец сочинения моего студента на 6.0 band score.

 Job interview is the most common of selecting employers. What are the other ways for choosing people for job?

It is a fact that companies usually face a difficult choice is who has to be hired while recruiting people. However nowadays the decision is made easier because there are many options, beside an interview, helping to select candidates. In the following essay I will discuss some potential ones, which should be taken by employers.

First of all, I would like to mention social networks as one of the common way to collect information about candidates. In the current world, the networks represent not only means of communication, but also a huge source of data person.  Social networks are divided into various types depending on hobbies, occupations or private life of a person.  For example, such networks as Linkedin connects people according to their professional skills. In this way, HR-manager can widely use potential employees account for gaining additional information about them.

Another effective act in hiring people is to get references from their previous employers. As a rule, these recommendations contain reliable information describing their professional and personality qualities. For instance, for top-manager positions it is a necessary requirement to present these letters. Also, in modern world it is becoming popular to make a personal contact with a former candidate’s boss to confirm his work experience, specified in CV.

In summary, it can be clearly seen, that all ways are productive and must be used for making the best choice. However, my opinion is that the right one is the combination of all mentioned, which to the maximum allows to examine a candidate.


6.0 band score

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