IELTS sample: essay “Death Penalty”

IELTS sample: essay “Death Penalty”

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IELTS sample: пишем эссе на тему “Death Penalty”

Should the Death Penalty Be Allowed?

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IELTS sample: essay

When it comes to the argument on capital punishment, it can be found out, that a lot of citizens, experts, politics, actors and other seriously thinking people have a stressed bright opinion on this theme. It can be as positive to death penalty, so negative.

Proponents of offender punishment with death often point out, that heavy guilt, for instance, in murder, should be payed according to “an eye for an eye” principle. There is no equivalent, even life custodial sentence, to the crime committed by such criminal. Furthermore, they show, that the price of felon be killed is much lower, than whole-life imprisonment. And the next argument, added to pros, is that victim family will feel relieved, when the outlaw dyes.

On the other side, opponents remind us of a great price of human life. Any mistake in such difficult decision as capital punishment verdict can lead to not guilty is dead. They also continue, that those who has less money can suffer from bad attorney or even his absence, as far as citizens of not-white color may find no excuse and be punished more strictly. It is, undoubtedly, dangerous, as opponents say, to give such instrument as death penalty in Government hands. It can lead to political murders with no guilt of accused at all.

Resuming all points of expert views, it should be said, that nowadays the capital punishment is forbidden in the majority of democratic countries, and the proponents are in the minority. I think, that as no one is sure in somebody’s guilt, no one can take life from any accused, though sometimes temptation is high.

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IELTS sample: essay 2

The issue of capital punishment in western countries has been frequently debated in media sources over the past few decades. Some people believe, that death sentence can deter a crime conviction, other tend to assume that an offence has no different effect on crime and possibility of miscarriage of justice could take place. From my experience and every day observation I base my opinion on following points.

Proponents of capital offence believe that certain types of crime such as premeditated murder or crime with aggravated factors should be punished by death sentence. Firstly, since society has a duty to protect an innocent, people believe that perpetrators of heinous crime deserve to die. Moreover, it can be an important tool in deterring of crime. For instance, other potential criminals will be aware about the possible punishment and weigh up their actions. Also society can not ignore grieving families, retribution helps console and ensure that perpetrators will never have an opportunities to cause a future tragedy.

Opponents of death sentence claim that no one has right to take another life. The society should reject the principal of literalism, doing to criminals what they do to their victims. For example, penalty for rape can not be rape. It is one strong moral principle among our public. Furthermore, they are convinced, that trial can be conducted in biased manner, having a high-paid attorney can in some cases help to avoid ultimate punishment. They are sure that it is better to be rich and guilty than if to be poor and innocent. Money gets your good defense.

In conclusion, taking into account all mentioned above, the issue is a rather complicated and controversial one. The society should find a solution that will be accepted in majority of public.

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IELTS sample: essay 3

A question of morality of death penalty appears with the development of law system nowadays. A large number of politicians and just famous people have their own opinions on that matter. In addition, such point of view strongly depends on religion and traditions of certain countries.

The proponents of capital punishment state that it forces the criminal to think twice before murdering someone, so it is believed that death penalty deters crime. Their second point is that cost of life imprisonment is much higher than just murdering a criminal through lethal injection or shooting. Their last reason is that such retribution can console grieving families more than just an imprisonment.

Opponents of such verdict say that with the death of a criminal a victim does not come back to life.  Some scientific researches have proved that death penalty does not decrease but even increases the crime rate. It is obvious that food for criminal costs more than a bullet or a electricity charge, but by using criminal labor government can completely pay it off or even earn some money. Additionally, our justice system is still not perfect, so some mistakes can occur from time to time. The death penalty is the only irreversible condemnation, as people are not able to bring a criminal to life if he is found innocent after some time.

In conclusion, a problem of death penalty is a very controversial topic and there is no clear answer to it. In my opinion, criminals should be given right to choose between life sentence and lethal injection if courts states they are guilty in committing a murder.

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