IELTS Problem and Solution essay: Overpopulation

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IELTS Problem and Solution essay: Overpopulation (Band 7.0)

Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems. Identify one or two serious ones and suggest ways that governments and individuals can tackle these problems.

Many countries in the world are experiencing excessively growing population in large cities. This essay will first discuss issues of accommodation due to overpopulation, followed by the analyses of the community projects and government initiatives as the most effective measures to improve the situation.

The principal problem of densely populated cities is overpriced property. In other words, due to the migration of people to urban areas there is a high demand for accommodation and considerate number of people can not afford to finance housing bills. As a result of overpriced property, the crime rate is rising as poor living conditions push young people in particular to desperate measures and turn them to crime. For example, it has been revealed that 38 per cent of the crime related to a robbery was conducted by young people below 30 years old which had difficulties to pay accommodation fee.

The best solution to this worrying problem is for the government to invest in development of outskirts of major urban cities by constructing new living estates, promoting social services and infrastructure development. Therefore, a considerable number of people will prefer to live outside of the city for a decent price rather than paying extremely high accommodation fee in overpopulated down town. To illustrate this, Times Magazine has published a research which showed that since the start of outskirts development, more than 29 per cent have moved from the city to nearby small towns due to affordable rent.

At the same time, individuals should also address negative effects of urban city’s overpopulation such as crime. To put it differently, people can form action groups to watch areas with poor quality housing and promote healthy environment in order to reduce crime rate by proving employment support. Therefore, people which are below minimum living standards could feel more secure without need to be involved in illegal activities. It has been revealed that areas with community activists tend to have a decrease crime rate by 12 per cent since the time those communities were formed.

In summary, the most effective ways to tackle the problem of overpopulation are developing the outskirts of the cities and forming of activist’s groups by individuals. 

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