IELTS Pie Chart

IELTS Pie Chart

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IELTS Pie Chart

В описании круговой диаграммы (она же Pie Chart) играют важную роль синонимы слова “доля”:

  • share
  • percentage
  • proportion
  • fraction

Как описать сегоднящний Pie Chart в три простых шага на Band 7.0

Шаг  1 перефразируем задание (я называю это предложение “Что? Где? Когда?”):

The presented pie charts illustrate the proportions of water consumed in 6 parts of the world for industrial, agricultural and domestic needs.

Шаг  2 описываем 2 основных тренда в графике общими словами без деталей и цифр:

Overall, it can be observed that the vast majority of regions used this natural resource for irrigation, while the industrial sector was by far the most water-consuming in North America and Europe. Beside South America, only a tiny fraction was used for domestic purposes elsewhere

Шаг  3 описываем детали графика, с цифрами, датами и сравнением трендов (можно в один или 2 параграфа):

Now, turning to the details, the share of industrial use was dominating in 4 areas and accounted for over 3 quarters of the total amount. In contrast, around a half of the water was utilized industrially in Europe and North America, while the other consuming regions accounted for not more than 12% in this category. As for the households’ use, it was insignificant and ranged from 8 to 15% in all studied regions.

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