IELTS Pie Chart

IELTS Pie Chart

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IELTS Pie Chart

The presented pie charts illustrate the proportions of water consumed in 6 parts of the world for industrial, agricultural and domestic needs.

Overall, it can be observed that the vast majority of regions used this natural resource for irrigation, while the industrial sector was by far the most water-consuming in North America and Europe. Beside South America, only a tiny fraction was used for domestic purposes elsewhere

Now, turning to the details, the share of industrial use was dominating in 4 areas and accounted for over 3 quarters of the total amount. In contrast, around a half of the water was utilized industrially in Europe and North America, while the other consuming regions accounted for not more than 12% in this category. As for the households’ use, it was insignificant and ranged from 8 to 15% in all studied regions.

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