IELTS Opinion essay

IELTS Opinion essay

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IELTS Opinion essay: Cell Phones

Как написать IELTS Opinion essay в 4 шага👇👇.

Мой вариант IELTS Opinion essay (Band Score 8.0 approximately)

A mobile phone plays a significant role. Some people think that it affects medical and social aspects of our daily life from the negative side. To what extend do you agree or disagree with this opinion. 

Шаг первый: после перефразированная формулируем наше мнение + 2 аргумента почему:

Nowadays, people tend to believe that cell phone plays a major role and has a significant impact on medical and social aspects of human being. This essay agrees that mobile phone has negative influence on people’s lives. Firstly, this statement will discuss possible health hazards caused by cell phone usage and, secondly, analyze man’s addiction to it as a supportive argument to the point of view stated above.

Шаг 2: поясняем первый аргумент + пример для подкрепления вашей позиции:

The main issue of medical concern about cell phone is radiation that people receive while using phones, as a result, it can lead to adverse health issues such as increased chance of brain tumor development, DNA damage, decrease of fertility, constant fatigue and unexplainable headaches. According to recent researches conducted by International Health Organizations it was proven that people whose screen time exceeds 75% tend to complain about headaches more frequent comparing to those who use it in moderation.

Шаг 3: поясняем второй аргумент +пример для подкрепления вашей позиции:
Another negative effect that bothers scientists is cell phone addiction. People tend to lose concentration, some even experience complete withdrawal syndrome when forgetting cell phone at home. Latest questionnaires have shown that 7 out of 10 people prefer online communication to personal meetings, vast amount of free time is invested in browsing the internet websites and social networks instead of public activities. As a result, cell phone addicted people become enslaved by the phones what lead to interpersonal and time management related problems.

Шаг 4: дублируем мнение в заключении + суммируем оба аргумента:

In conclusion, taking into consideration all mentioned above, I’m firmly convinced that cell phone has a tremendous negative impact on social and medical aspects of man’s life. All that because of health issues as well as phycological impact on cell phone dependent people.

Еще один вариант IELTS Opinion essay: Cell Phones 

There is an opinion that humans’ health and communication are disturbed by cell phones. This essay disagrees with the indicated position. Firstly, this essay will discuss health improvement as a result of using apps, and secondly, it will analyze communication simplification.

The main reason why gadgets affect people’s wellness positively is the profit of health-caring applications which can record and analyze health parameters. Therefore, users’ pulse and blood pressure are guarded thoroughly and the mobile phone owners are notified on every aberration. For example, according to Asian Healthcare Association’s report 850 insults were prevented by smartphones’ warnings in 2018.

Another reason why users are able to benefit from mobile phones is easiness of communication at a distance. The reason for this is that mobile phones are wide spreaded all over the world and practically every person can contact with relatives and friends even though they are abroad. For example, an opinion poll conducted by Skype Team showed that approximately 300 million calls were made in 2017 and three quarters of them were international.

In conclusion, taking into account all written above, I am firmly convinced that cell phones affect users’ health and conversations in a positive way. This is due to the fact that modern smartphones are able to guard their owners’ wellness by specialized applications and, moreover, gadgets simplify communications.

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