IELTS Opinion Essay

IELTS Opinion Essay

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IELTS Opinion Essay: Art and Museums

Foreign visitors should pay more than local visitors for cultural and historical attractions. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? 

It is believed by some people that higher entry fees for established places should be set for foreign tourists compared to residents. In my opinion, this is a necessary measure as it would greatly encourage local people to pay more attention to their culture and history heritage. Firstly, this essay will discuss the expected increase in visits by locals, and secondly, it will analyze the financial support getting from higher prices for international visitors.

The primary reason why tourists should pay more is that it may urge local people to become acquainted with famous attractions of their region. In other words, having such a financial advantage they would be more interested in visiting cultural or historical places for a lower entrance fee. For example, it has been revealed that in cities with such payment system residents started to show their attention to local attractions three times more frequently.

Another point to consider charging higher fees from foreign visitors is significant financial benefits which facilitate keeping local attractions in proper condition. On no account should the importance of additional revenues for local attractions be ignored since it would greatly increase the opportunity for stable prosperity. To illustrate, recent research has shown that more than a half of historical museums in East Europe are funded only with entry fees, which are much higher for foreign visitors.

In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that charging foreign visitors with the higher price might help to keep historical and cultural heritage in sustainable condition as well as encourage local people to visit these places because of financial benefit.


Grammar errors: 2

Vocabulary inaccuracies: 1

Advanced Grammar Structures: 2 (having,

On no account should)

Less commonly used vocabulary: 5 (additional revenues, sustainable)

Approximate Band 7.0

Task Achievement 7.5

Coherence and Cohesion 7.5

Lexical Resource 6.5

Grammatical Range and Accuracy 6.5 


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