IELTS MAPS и с чем их едят

Описывая карту – определите к какому времени относятся описываемые изменения – к прошлому или это планируемая реконструкция?

В сегодняшней карте – будущие планы, соответственно используем такие структуры как:
✅ “is expected  to… “
✅ “is planned  to… “
✅ “is going to …”
Описать любую карту очень просто по моей схеме:

Шаг 1: 1️⃣ перефразируем задание:

The presented maps illustrate the University sports centre as it is currently  and plans for the expected reconstruction.

Шаг 2:2️⃣ описываем 2 основных тренда в графике общими словами без деталей:
Overall, the centre is going to witness dramatic changes as it is expected  to be significantly extended both to the East and West of the present building. In addition, numerous facilities such as a café and dance studios  are planned to be constructed in addition  to the existing ones.
Шаг 3:3️⃣ описываем детали карты, с локациями и сравнением “было-стало”(можно в один или 2 параграфа):
Now, turning to the details, it can be observed that two outdoor courts are planned to be demolished giving way to a new leisure pool to the West of the present centre’s building and a new sports hall to the East of it. Besides this, additional changing rooms, a sports shop and a café will be placed both sides of the entrance, opposite the swimming pools and the sports hall. In contrast, the present swimming pool in the central part of the building will remain unchanged.
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