IELTS essay writing

IELTS essay writing

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IELTS essay writing: Dealing with young offenders.

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Ниже привожу образец сочинения моего студента на 6.0 band score.

In your opinion, what attitude should be taken by the legal system for dealing with young offenders?

When it comes to the problem of juvinile delinquency, all of us, as I think, understand the danger of it. The question should be discussed widely and all-round information should be gathered, as to me.

Undoubtedly, juvenile offenders are effected heavily by criminal adults. A young delinquent can hardly invent crime by himself. Of course, somebody has broken his moral attitudes to people and environment, given an idea of easy money or independant from adults life. Sometimes, the child is enduced to commit a crime by someone stronger. We know many crime fields, where young offenders are involved. For instance, drug dealing, thefts, rapes, robberies. In this connection, I should mention the bad influence of mass media. Children watch TV, where they can see films devoted to great criminals, where they are shown with sympathy and even with excitement.

So, I think, the better place to correct the young offenders should be juvenile reform schools. The teachers in such school should teach child the main principles of moral and laws. Also, the police ofiicers should tell them of the consequences of crimes and enforce the children to obey the Rules and Regulations. Furthermore, the great role should be given to psychologists. They can correct and solve the child’s problems, connected with domestic violence and living under the poverty line.

There is no doubt, that the juvenile delinquences should be punished in another way than adults. Their minds have suffered from cunning and unscrupulous “teachers”, so they need mild penalty and psychological treatment.

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