IELTS essay task 2

IELTS essay task 2

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task 2: Social Networking Sites

IELTS essay task 2 является одним из самых сложных компонентов теста, как показывает нам статистика –  наибольшие затруднения у кандидатов вызывает именно написание IELTS essay. Планируя подготовку к IELTS,  в моём блоге вы можете найти больше примеров IELTS essay task 2 по тегу “IELTS essay”.

Итак, сегодня мы разбираем “IELTS essay task 2” на примере эссе “Social Networking Sites”

Прежде всего, ознакомьтесь с информацией на тему как оценивается IELTS writing essays.

Немаловажно хорошо разбираться в том, что такое структура эссе IELTS.

И, наконец, прочитав внимательно о Cohesive devices for IELTS writing and speaking, можно переходить непосредственно к IELTS essay samples.

Ниже привожу образец сочинения моего студента на 6.5 band score.

 In today’s world, Facebook, twitter, MySpace, are common websites for people to meet and make acquaintances. It has become a part of our daily lives. Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society? Express your opinion. 

The issue of social media has been debated a lot among society over the past decade. Public has been argued about positive and negative sides of the phenomenon and has tried to understand what influence the topic has had on a person. From my experience and every day observation the issue is a controversial one and demands a special approach. I base my opinion on the following points.

Proponents of social media sites are convinced that the Internet sites help people to feel connected with the world. Especially it concerns people who have physical disabilities and are socially isolated, providing them an ability to meet other people and develop friendships. Moreover, social sites provide a serious platform to information spread.  For example, it enables a rapid dissemination of public health or safety information, as well as advertisement of new products or work positions.

On the other hand, opponents of media sites claim that the Internet provokes criminals to commit a crime. Recruitment of younger criminal members, coordination of violent crimes, or threaten other gangs is another example of internet crime spread. What is more, hackers with malicious intention can gain access to private page. Invasion in privacy, divulgation personal information also regularly occurred. For all these reasons, the social sites are not safe or even a dangerous place.

In conclusion, taking into account all mentioned above, society should take appropriate steps in order to prevent crime commitment and provide safe area for web surfing.

250 words

6.5 band score

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