Cтруктура эссе IELTS

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Cтруктура эссе IELTS

Общая структура эссе IELTS

Первое, на что стоит обратить внимание – это структура эссе. Оно должно состоять из трёх частей:

1st paragraph: introduction;

2nd and 3rd paragraphs: body of essay;

4th paragraph: conclusion.

Основной приём состоит в том, что нужно ставить задачу научиться написать отдельные параграфы, а не эссе целиком. Для каждого абзаца в отдельности характерна однотипная последовательность развития мысли/идеи.

Рассмотрим данную последовательность на примере отдельных параграфов:


Вступление состоит из 3 предложений:

  1. Первая точка зрения
  2. Вторая точка зрения
  3. Я считаю, что и первое, и второе важно



One of the reasons why companies choose to promote some staff is seniority. While length of service is undoubtedly an important factor, my belief is it should certainly not be the only criterion for deciding who should be promoted. Rather it would be better for companies to have a more varied policy in this area.

Some people consider parents to have the prior role in the upbringing of their children, while their opponents think that it is teachers who should bear the responsibility for helping children to become good citizens. In my view, this responsibility should be shared.



Основная часть эссе состоит из двух параграфов, идентичных по структуре.

  1. Topic sentence
  2. 1stsupporting sentence
  3. 2nd supporting sentence
  4. 3rd supporting sentence
  5. Circular sentence

Topic sentence – это основное предложение абзаца, выражающее его основную мысль, которая затем раскрывается в supportingsentences. Circular sentence закрепляет идею, выраженную в topic sentence.


Despite these reasons, there is a strong argument in favor of also promoting staff because of their performance. This can be seen by how some multi-nationals use annual performance and development reviews when deciding on promotion. Under this system a supervisor can set targets for an employee and if those targets are met, then the employee can be promoted, even if they are relatively junior. The benefit of this approach is that it encourages staff to work harder and rewards merit and not just long service.


On the other hand, school teachers may contribute almost as much as parents to the development of a child. Teachers educate large groups of children together, which means that they must train pupils to work with their peers and respect other members of the class. Pupils also learn to behave sensibly in lessons, regardless of the distractions around them, and to follow instructions given to them by teaching staff. These behavioral skills will be crucial in later life, revealing the equal importance of school education for a fledging person.

Основным критерием хорошего topic sentence является то, что если прочитав оба первых предложения абзацев основной части вы без труда сможете воспроизвести задание – это правильно сформулированные topic sentences.


Example 1

Topic sentence: The mass media are often badly used.

The supporting sentences can include the following:

• Newspapers only give sensational news.

• Radio programmes arc usually superficial.

• Television has bad effects on people.

Circular sentence: These are widespread examples of how mass media are misused.


Example 2

Topic sentence: Television has bad effects on people.

The supporting sentences can be written about:

• Television commercials distort the truth about products.

• Crime films on television encourage violence.

• Television documentaries stop people from thinking independently.

Circular sentence: These negative aspects of TV should be taken into account.


Example 3

Topic sentence: Television commercials distort the truth about products.

The supporting sentences can be written about:

• Toothpaste does not make teeth white.

• The safety of electrical goods is exaggerated.

•Many widely-advertised painkillers are not effective.

Circular sentence: People should be aware of falsehood being widespread by TV advertisement.



Последняя часть – заключение, где вы в одном предложении перефразируете идею вступления “Без сомнения первый аспект/точка зрения важна, но нужно принимать во внимание и вторую”.

In conclusion, there is no doubt a case for implementing a policy of promoting longserving members of staff, but I believe that it is also wise to take account of the performance of more junior members of staff.

In conclusion, both parents and schools should work together to ensure that young people become polite and productive members of society.

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