IELTS essay samples: School Uniform

IELTS essay samples: School Uniform

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IELTS essay samples: School Uniform – Should Students Have to Wear it?

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Should Students Have to Wear School Uniforms? Give your opinion.

Evidence seems to suggest that many people believe that wearing school uniform should be adopted by schools. The trend of getting school uniforms by public schools is increasing in numbers. However, do school outfits encourage students to focus on their studies rather than their clothes, or they restrict them to express their individuality?

First of all, it is well known that wearing a uniform at schools may saves parents’ time, money and enables children to concentrate on their studies instead. For example, there is no need to waste any time in the mornings near the wardrobe and think about what to wear. In addition, few sets of uniform in place of dozen shirts and trousers might be sufficient for the whole year.

On the other hand, opponents believe that wearing school outfits can interfere students self-expression and the government should not constrain children and allow them to express themselves by choosing desirable color or style. According to them, pupils can express their individualities and moods by wearing different kinds and colors of clothes. For instance, the girl that has birthday on that day probably would like to dress something glamour or the boy that would like to emphasize his admiration to some music ensemble by wearing shirt with the group symbol.

Summarizing all written it should be said that school uniforms can be beneficial for students by letting them be focused on their studies rather than clothes. I can tell from my own experience that school uniforms I wore did not limit me at anything but saved my parents money and time.

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