IELTS essay samples: Agriculture and Farming Industry

IELTS essay samples: Agriculture and Farming Industry

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samples: Agriculture and Farming Industry

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Some support development in agriculture, such as farming industry, creation of new types of fruit and vegetables. Others disprove. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is well known that population on our planet has been always increasing. As a result, the problem of nourishing for such a large number of settlers is becoming more interesting for many scientists. Some people encourage farming industry and suggest to develop new kinds of fruits and vegetables while other contradict and do not agree.

On no account do opponents believe that creation of new products can be safe. It is said that it would require genetic engineering interference which is absolutely unacceptable thing. Consumption of such products is dangerous and may damage our health in the future. They explain that some of the gene modified vegetables might become toxic to wild world. In addition, they warn us by telling that the safety can be proved only after a decade.

On the other hand, if we want to promise to our descendants a bright future which completely excludes the thoughts about a famine we must allow biologists to help the humanity and certainly support them financially. For example, last year a new sort of rice having been genetically modified by one of American scientists was designed to survive in difficult weather conditions. Consequently, one of the certain rice fields in China which suffered from dramatic flood eventually, surprised with a rich harvest regardless the circumstances due to distinctive qualities of that rice.

In conclusion, I profoundly believe that development of new sorts of fruits and vegetables certainly must be continued because it will serve the all people on the Earth by providing appropriate ways for an efficient farming growth.

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