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Discuss the relationshop between poverty and crime

IELTS Essay 1

Different statistical researches show the correlation between crime rate and poverty. First of all, the level of crime is related to unemployment in all countries. Although, if we study the question further, we can realise, that the relationship is quite superficial.

From my point of view, increasing poverty sometimes does lead to soaring crime rate. We know, that is some cases people are able to commit a crime. For instance, poverty may lead to thefts in stores and shops. In addition to these minor offences, poor people may commit burglaries and even robbery. It depends on individual character and circumstances of life. Furthermore, poverty makes people tired of their being so that they can perform violence and even become a murderer in the families. Certainly, the main reason for such crimes is alcohol.

Although, we can better study the issue, if explore it in different societies. In other words, we know a lot of ascetics, who live in caves alone and no crime comes near them. After that, such crimes, as murder and theft, are well-known to rich people as well as to poor. The temptation of money and independance they give may lead to a horror crime. It seems to me, that noone locks the door in India, though there are lots of poor people there. And, of course, we should mention the great role of police and justice in limiting the crime rate.

Generally, I think, there is no direct relationship between crime level and money. If the system of legal enforcement can provide the correct punishment for the most crimes, the crime rate will be low, due to poor and rich both obey the laws. This means, that the main problem is of justice, not of wealth.

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IELTS Essay 2

There is no doubt that poverty and crime have some connection. The positive correlation between unemployment and the crime rate in many countries could be taken as evidence for this. Though, if we investigate this question further, we may find this kind of statistical phenomenon both superficial and misleading.

It is true that, under certain conditions, poverty induces crime. Many people in the world are able to perform crime in order to gain some money for families and themselves. Sometimes poor people do not see another way except theft or robbery to make money. However, there are thousands legal ways to live wealthy life. For example, many cities have a big deal of employment opportunities. Even though, there are not many options for work for some reason, everyone is able to move to the nearby city and try to find suitable occupation. It is certainly true that all those options are not as easy to realize as they seem to be, so it needs some effort to be made.

The issue could be even better clarified by making comparison between nations. The rate of crime has strong correlation with the policy of the country. If the country has strict law for different kinds of crime it may has lower level of illegality. For instance, such countries as the UAE and Australia have very strict law, for that reason these countries are rated as ones of the safest countries in the world. On the other hand, countries like Russia or Ukraine have an immense amount of corruption, because of the imperfect law system.

In short, there is no direct relationship between poverty and crime. So long as the system of legal enforcement and prosecution can enforce justice, social conditions are kept in order, and the government’s authority is obeyed by the rich and the poor alike, crime will be limited in both rich and poor areas as well as in both developed and developing countries.


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