IELTS Essay “Music in our life”

IELTS Essay “Music in our life”

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IELTS Essay “Music in our life: why do we need music?”

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There are many different types of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of a country more important than the international music that is heard everywhere nowadays?

IELTS Essay 1

There is no doubt that music, traditional and international, is highly important in people’s life. Generally speaking, music is one of the greatest cultural developments that human has made. Human being needs music for many reasons and in the following essay I will outline some of them.

To begin with, adults and teenagers sometimes need to relax or chill out, for that reason we listen to favourite songs. For example, someone prefers lyric songs, whilst others are more likely to listen to pop music. In other words, probably everyone has tracks that they admire most. Moreover, dancing, which is very beneficial activity for health and soul, cannot exist without music. Admittedly, people need music in order to dance.

Furthermore, music can be separated into the traditional and international. Undoubtedly, traditional music plays significant role with regard to the country, so the government should pay more attention to that issue. The traditions are the part of the country history. As a consequence of it, citizens must know cultural heritage of their home country, which includes cultural music as one of the aspects of the culture. Besides, the cultural music should always be the part of different national festivals and national holidays.

Taking into account all written above it should be said that music is a very important aspect of our spiritual life. From my point of view, all types and genres of music are vital and we must not only create more and more new songs but also preserve those have already been created.

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6.0 band score

IELTS Essay 2

Generally speaking, it is a fact that music aims to increase human intelligence and culture of communication. However, there is some argument about if the national music has a priority above the international one In the following essay I intend to show the difference between them and point out their value for the humanity.

Undoubtedly, the major advantage of original music of a country is that it contains the various elements of its national culture and history. Through the listening to national music, people learn about their origin and past, so they can better understand their position in the current world. Also, this type of music supports and increases such things as public spirit and national unity. As a result of this, nation becomes more connected and stronger.

Nonetheless, there is also a substantial benefit of the international music. The music from different parts  of the world represents a huge resource of various cultures. The information, taken from this source, helps people to understand more of features of other nations. As a consequence of this, the common conception about another country can considerably change.

To sum up all written above, to my mind there is no issue which of two mentioned types music is more important. I do believe, that both are equally valuable for all societies, because their main goal in total is to develop people.

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