IELTS Essay Discuss Both Views: Places to young students

Some people believe that universities should only offer places to young students with high marks. Others believe that people of all ages and with low marks should be allowed to study. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Шаг первый: перефразируем задание + формулируем 1 аргумент за и 1 аргумент против во вступлении + выдвигаем наше мнение (какую сторону поддерживаем):

While it is sometimes believed that places in universities ought to be primarily offered to the young and academically successful applicants, there are those who consider all age categories, regardless of their age and academic achievements, eligible for this education. In my opinion, higher education must be accessible to every person irrespective of their background because of the discriminative effect these limitations might have in the long run, while any privileges of the youth are highly disputable.


Шаг 2: поясняем преимущество  + пример для подкрепления вашей позиции

On the one hand, proponents of prioritizing young students base this opinion on their privileged position stemming from financial benefits that this age group may bring. This is because newly graduated youngsters are likely to become financially active citizens, thus, forming the foundation of financial security for the whole nation. However, this argument is flawed mainly because such an early choice of profession is often made by parents and not students themselves; therefore, in many cases, this education does not lead to further employment.


Шаг 3: поясняем другую сторону + ослабляем этот аргумент предложением “However, it is clear that…”:

On the other hand, advocates of equal educational opportunities believe that this limitation of enrollment is certain to discriminate applicants on the basis of their age and cognitive abilities and I agree. Not only would this policy violate people’s basic civil rights for education, but it is also likely to provoke social tension. A prime example is Norway, where several student riots against these discriminative regulations were recently reported.


Шаг 4: делаем вывод о преимуществе (дублируем нашу позицию в заключении)

In conclusion, though people may vary in their opinions, I believe that every citizen must be treated equally in terms of educational opportunities regardless of their age and learning abilities as this is the key to a society free of unlawful unfairness.

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