IELTS Essay Discuss Both Views – People’s private life

Some people think that the media (newspapers) have the right to publish details of people’s private life, while others think it should be controlled. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


Шаг первый: перефразируем задание + формулируем 1 аргумент за и 1 аргумент против во вступлении + выдвигаем наше мнение (какую сторону поддерживаем):

It is believed that private information can be delivered to society by mass media. However, there are those who argue that this right should be forbidden. In my opinion, this policy should be maintained by the government in order to provide transparent information about public people. First, this essay will discuss the access to personal information of famous people as the protection from the society manipulation, and secondly, it will analysis the ethical standardas a tool of personal data regulation.



Шаг 2: поясняем преимущество индивидуальных усилий + пример для подкрепления вашей позиции

On the one hand, proponents of spreading private details without restriction by the organs of public opinion believe that it is crucial for citizens to be aware of those who have an influence on society and I agree. This is because on no account should this media right be neglected in the long run since the more famous a public influencer is, the more essential it is for them to have transparent biography which is accessible for crowds. As a result, if it were not for role-model publicity, people would not pay attention to their private life. To illustrate this, having conducted a survey in the UK, scientists have revealed that the highest rate in prime minister voting reached those candidates whose private life did not provoke additional questions.



Шаг 3: поясняем почему меры на государственном уровне необходимы + ослабляем этот аргумент предложением “On the other hand…”:

On the other hand, opponents of this approach base their opinion on the assumption that it is not ethically correct to transmit personal details. To put it differently, rarely does mass media maintain proper measures of sharing personal information. Therefore, not only do they publish this data, but they also tend to find controversial information which can be abusing for individuals. A prime example of this is the MTV reports where stars were presented in spicy circumstances. However, it is clear that there is a global low which guarantees the accessibility to all sources of the information.



Шаг 4: делаем вывод о преимуществе индивидуальных усилий (дублируем нашу позицию в заключении)

In conclusion, taking into account all written above, I am firmly convinced that it is crucial for the public to be familiar with the personal information of those who have an influence on crowds. This approach can not be emphasized too much since a large audience can escape being a victim of falsification.

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