IELTS Discussion essay without opinion

IELTS Discussion essay without opinion

Can money buy happiness? Discuss both views.

The statement that financial well-being is the main source of life satisfaction is both supported and refuted by many. This essay will discuss two major factors of being contented which are professional progress and high-income level.

On the one hand, the importance of continuous personal development as a foundation of happiness cannot be emphasized too much. Not only does this provide people with a sense of achievement, but it also highlights clear benchmarks to aim for. What pleases people with each coming day is comparing one’s expertise and competence to those they had the day before. Therefore, this makes it clear why not material belongings, but professional evolution is the key to individual

On the other hand, it must be remembered that there is a possible correlation between one’s level of contention and their purchasing ability. If it were not for a high-income level, people would not be able to cover their basic needs, thus, ensuring their well-being. A prime example is the well-known Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, which presents financial security as the primary requirement of social prosperity. Despite this, a glaring discrepancy can be often observed between the level of wealth and overall life satisfaction, as people quickly become indifferent to the opportunities given by financial resources.

In conclusion, both sides of the argument regarding the role of wealth in human happiness have strong support. However, after analyzing the two camps, it is clear that personal growth provides substantial satisfaction and is, therefore, a fundamental element of human wellbeing in the long run.

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