How to write ielts essay: “Globalization”

How to write ielts essay: “Globalization”

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How to write ielts essay: “Globalization”

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Итак, сегодня мы разбираем “How to write ielts essay?” на примере эссе “Globalization”

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Ниже привожу образец сочинения моего студента на 7.0 band score.

Even though globalization affects world’s economics in a very positive way, its negative side shouldn’t be forgotten. Discuss.


Essay 1 

It is well known that our economy is seriously influenced by the globalization process which can be very beneficial. Nevertheless, evidence seems to suggest that sometimes globalization can lead to undesired consequences.

To begin with, many people believe that the world having applied globalization changes allowed free trade opportunities. As a result, global economy has grown, many jobs has been created, and competition between many companies has increased which has impacted the overall market by lowering prices for consumers. For example, purchasing Chinese goods is very common among all countries that have Internet access. Thus, last week I was able to order a brand new cell phone with ease while visiting one of the popular online Chinese stores.

However, having explored the detailed facts about poor countries which have been affected by the globalization we can reveal cruel or inhumane evidences. We must acknowledge that products’ prices have decreased not only due to cheaper manpower but also due to exploitation of children and prisoners. The workers are probable employed for a very low pay. In addition, their working environment conditions may be terrible and inhumane. For instance, poor countries such as China, Taiwan, Philippines and others always try to attract rich countries by proposing cheap labor which enforces them to make their citizens’ salaries and conditions even lower.

In conclusion, rarely do we think about globalization drawbacks. However, due to tough situation that has been shown in many south countries we must be aware of existence of those people who suffer from it. Moreover, perhaps we can propose some alternative solutions that will beneficially change the world.

254 words

Essay 2


It is generally agreed that globalization has significant impact on world’s economic life. Such trends as development of international market or appearance of high technology more or less depend on integration of globalization. However, despite these undeniable benefits, there are also drawbacks of that process which should be taken into account. In this essay I would like to call attention to the problems we faced connected with global integration.

The first thing that needs to be said is a negative influence of globalization on the
environment. It is a well-known fact that the development of industry causes ecological damage. For example, localization of heavy manufactures next to water sources leads  to pollution of water. As a result of this, there is disappearance of various plants and fish. Furthermore, if the water containing heavy metals accidentally gets into the human body, this can be a cause of an oncological disease.

Another dramatic aspect of the issue is that global integration destroys local markets. It is believed that large international networks have more opportunities to promote their products on a market. Pursuing of profit, they also apply tougher rules and often not exactly a fair faith. As a consequence, this disables local small business from competition. In this way, the lack of competitiveness leads to death of local market and limiting people’s choices in purchasing.

In summary, it is clear from these observations that globalization can be also quite destructive. To my mind, it seems to be the other side of medal. Nevertheless, what we need to minimize the negative influence of globalization is to take special preventive measures.

268 words

Essay 3


Due to development of technology, a certain process called globalization appears. It influences both economical and cultural sides of country’s life. In my essay I will observe it from different angles.

On the one hand, the economical influence of globalization is massive as it results in better cooperation between countries and different companies on the international market. This leads to industrial growth and emergence of monopolist companies. Such effect has both advantages and disadvantages. The biggest plus is more work places and career opportunities for people. The disadvantages are environmental pollution and lack of local businesses as monopolists capture the entire market. In other words, globalization’s influence on economy of all countries is huge and has both positive and negative aspects.

On the other hand, cultural influence of globalization should not be underestimated too. Globalization blurs the boundaries between nations and peoples, making them closer and similar to each other. For example, as it is known from history, a lot of European people went to America and created one strong unique nation, also known as Americans. In contrast, a lot of small peoples lost their originality due to this process. In my opinion, in this field of life, disadvantages of globalization outweigh the advantages.

In conclusion, globalization is a very important phenomenon in life of the whole planet. It has very strong pluses and minuses to it, but most importantly, globalization is unstoppable, so we should adjust to it and try to minimize the disadvantages.

245 words

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