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Июн 2014

IELTS speaking topic: Job

Employee benefits and (especially in British English) also called fringe benefits or perks include various types of non-wage compensation provided to employees in addition to their normal wages or salaries. Tech companies will go to amazing lengths to recruit talented employees – and keep them from jumping to competitors. An increasingly important part of the equation is benefits. A recent New York Times article documented…

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Май 2014

Should Women Fight in Combat? (видео+лексика+вопросы)

be allowed to serve assign to combat units barrier to promotion have the necessary strength and stamina internal dynamic put women on special forces teams gain favor with smb miss out on critical training receive the equal training deserve to have the same opportunities be more physically fit move up in rank natural urge to protect women  


Май 2014

Is Classical Music Boring? (видео+вопросы)

1. Popularity of classical music is drammatically declining these days. What is the reason? Is classical music boring? 2. Is it worth listening after hundreds years? 3. How could we change the perception of classical music? 1. Popularity of classical music decline these days. What is the reason? Is classical music boring? Classical music itself is important but today the way to classical music is…

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