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IELTS Advantages & Disadvantages Essay

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Advantages & Disadvantages Essay: Transport

Advantages and Disadvantages Essay (Band 8)

In some countries, the government promotes public transport as the primary means of transportation and discourages private vehicle ownership.

Do the disadvantages of this situation outweigh the advantages?

Эссе моей студентки  (Band 7.5). в 4 шага👇👇👇

Шаг 1️⃣ : формулируем 1 преимущество и 1 недостаток во вступлении + пишем какую сторону поддерживаем:On no account should the issue with traffic on the roads be ignored. To deal with this problem in some countries it has been decided to reduce the number of private cars. I believe that the benefits of using buses and other modes of public transport far outweigh their drawbacks. This essay will first discuss using public modes of transport as the main benefit of improving the situation on the roads, followed by an analysis of a probable drawback which is the inconvenience of car using to get to the remote areas

Шаг 2️⃣: поясняем преимущество общественного транспорта+ пример:

One of the advantages of using public transportation is reducing the amount of traffic stream. Not only does it put extra strain on the traffic, but it has also an effect on air pollution.  For example, the government of Singapore restricted the number of cars by imposing extra taxes on private vehicles’ ownership. This has helped to handle the amount of traffic within a restricted area and to improve the situation with THE environment

Шаг 3️⃣: поясняем недостаток:

On the other hand, one of the probable drawbacks of using buses as a means of transportation is the inconvenience to get to far places due to the separation of work and residential areas. This is because some countries are believed to be places where it is almost impossible to manage without cars. For example, in Canada, it also might be complicated to get to work by car. However, this situation is rare, happening only in a relatively small number of countries.

Шаг 4️⃣: в заключении дублируем мнение:

In conclusion, I am convinced that the benefits of public transport far outweigh the disadvantages because it diminishes the ratio of traffic congestion and extra strain on the roads.

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