IELTS Problem and Solution essay: Public transport

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Although more and more people use public transport, some city streets are still overcrowded with traffic. How can this problem be solved?

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Шаг первый: формулируем 2 решения во вступлении:

Despite the increased use of public transport, urban roads are still facing the issue of traffic congestion that urgently needs to be resolved by the government. One possible solution would be the redevelopment of city planning, which must essentially be accompanied by transport infrastructure improvement.


Шаг 2: поясняем как избежать проблемы стресса + подкрепляем примером:

Firstly, adequate city planning is the foundation of comfortable moving around the city and the key to success in combating road congestion. Despite this, housing areas are often built far away from places for work, resulting in the need for commuting long distances. To address this issue, separation of work and residential areas when people live and work in different parts of the city must be avoided or, at least, minimized. A prime example is Moscow, where, by developing new housing zones, building companies are also required to construct multifunctional facilities, such as business centers and shopping malls.


Шаг 3: поясняем второе решение как избежать проблемы стресса + подкрепляем примером:

Secondly, as the use of public transport increases, the load on city roads still remains substantial, requiring not only extending existing transport facilities but also constructing additional ones. Without this, the interaction of vehicles is certain to slow the speed of the traffic stream which, in the long run, is irrevocably tied to traffic jams. To illustrate this, such newly developed megapolises as Dubai and Abu-Dhabi, despite being densely populated, do not encounter traffic congestion due to well-planned and extensively developed road infrastructure. On no account should the experience of these successful leading urban developments be ignored.


 Шаг 4: суммируем оба решения заключении:

In conclusion, adequate urban planning and improvement of transport facilities are the foundation for decreased vehicular queuing.

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