IELTS 2-part question Essay: Loss of biodiversity

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Cause & Solution Essay: Loss of biodiversity


The influence of human beings on the world’s ecosystem is leading to the extinction of species and loss of bio-diversity. What are the primary causes of loss of bio-diversity? What solutions can you suggest?


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On no account should the harmful influence of human activities on biological diversity be ignored. Firstly, this essay will discuss the root cause of dying out of some animals and plants which is anthropogenic pollution. Secondly, it will analyze recyclingas the most effective measure to improve the current state of affairs.

The pollution caused by human activity is the principal reason why a variety of biological forms considerably declined. This is because domestic waste, particularly the plastic one, has a detrimental influence on the whole nature, since certain animals are used to eating not only edible products, but they also could swallow indecomposable refuse. As a result, if it were not for plastic waste in the oceans, a huge number of marine animals would not have died. For instance, having carried out alarming research, scientists have discovered that even thirty plastic bags can make whales meet their death in agony.

The best solution for this worrying problem would be the recycling which aids to minimize the consumption of materials required for new production. For this reason, energy usage, air, and water pollution would be considerably reduced provided that raw materials were reused. Therefore, it is high time the governments took action to motivate people to classify their wastes for recycling since the battle against pollution will be lost in the long run without the conscious assistance of individuals. For example, recently it has been revealed that repeated usage of plastic prevents waste from throwing out and, thus, helps to reduce loss of bio-diversity twofold.

In conclusion, anthropogenic pollution is the major cause of losing biological diversity and this can be solved through the recycling of materials.






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