IELTS Agree or Disagree Essay: Technological developments

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IELTS Agree or Disagree Essay: Technological developments

Earlier technological developments had more benefits and changed the life of ordinary people than recent developments ever will. Do you agree or disagree?


OPINION Эссе в 4 шага

Сегодня разберем тип “opinion” на примере эссе моей студентки (Band Score 7.0)


Шаг 1: после перефразированная формулируем наше мнение + 2 аргумента почему:

In our contemporary world rarely do people realize the importance of industrial progress that was conducted centuries ago. I strongly agree that prior scientific technologies are definitely worth admiring comparison with contemporary ones. Firstly, this essay will discuss the necessity to have a considerable base for future discoveries, and secondly, it will analyze the significance of achievements taking into account the stage of world technological progress.


Шаг 2: поясняем первый аргумент + пример для подкрепления вашей позиции

The primary reason is that on no account should the contribution of first technological achievements to further progress be ignored. This is because, if it had not been for initial technological developments, humanity would not have obtained the valuable ground for further achievements based on those data. As a result, having gained the scientific researches of predecessors, could investors create more considerable accomplishments in the long run. For example, not only did electricity provide the amenities to the public, but it also has been applied for the invention of the Internet.


Шаг 3: поясняем второй аргумент +пример для подкрепления вашей позиции:

Another point to be considered is that each particular achievement has been achieved by the society within a certain period of time with a determined level of technological supply. This is owing to the fact that industrial progress seems to have become far more complex than it used to be centuries ago. Therefore, each fresh technology is considered by average people to be extraordinary since it is devised based on the demands and requirements of a certain period of time and appropriate to the particular technological supply. For instance, having carried out certain research, historians have revealed that people of different ages consider technological progress belonging to their era as the most valuable one.


Шаг 4: дублируем мнение в заключении + суммируем оба аргумента:

In conclusion, I am firmly convinced that earlier technological progress should be recognized seeing that it has considerably changed the life of average people. This is due to the fact that not only does prior progress built a ground for future scientific discoveries, but it was also appropriate to the


Grammar errors: 4

 Vocabulary inaccuracies: 1

Advanced Grammar Structures: 10

Less commonly used vocabulary: 10+


Approximate Band 7.0

Task Achievement 6.5

Coherence and Cohesion 7.0

Lexical Resource 7.5

Grammatical Range and Accuracy 7.0


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