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Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems. Identify one or two serious ones and suggest ways that governments and individuals can tackle these problems.

On no account should the complications caused by overcrowding in cities be ignored. This essay will first discuss the main issue connected with the surplus of inhabitants which is an increased price for immovable property. Secondly, it will be followed by an analysis of the residents’ settlement in the countryside as the most effective measure to improve the circumstances.


The most critical concern related to the overpopulation in non-rural areas is that housing has become unaffordable for a large number of citizens. This is because not only do people prefer to settle in big cities owing to better amenities provided, but they also give birth to their children. As a result, if it had not been for tremendous demand for dwellings evoked by the excess of population, prices for realty would not have augmented substantially. For example, a recent analysis of statistic data has revealed that only 56% of Moscow citizens could afford to claim for a mortgage.


The best solution to this would be an elaboration of a certain governmental policy to encourage families for settlement in rural areas. It is high time the authorities supplied families willing to move out from cities with high living standards in their country communities. Therefore, not only by building new houses in the countryside but also by providing decent opportunities for education and healthcare could authorities make residents settle in the non-urban places in the long run. For instance, having carried out an opinion survey amongst city residents, sociologists have revealed that the majority of families would rather swap their hectic city life to the rural one, provided that they had all required facilities.


In conclusion, one of the main problems with overpopulation is the high cost of real estate and this can be solved through governmental policy to settle people in the countryside.


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