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Many people believe that media coverage of celebrities is having a negative effect on children. To what extent do you agree?

The Yellow press industry has become a multi-billion sector of the world’s economy which is fueled byattention of public to gossips around movie, music and media starts. I strongly support the opinion that this bombardmentby low quality information has no availfor the young generation. Firstly, this essay will cover the ethical sideof this phenomenon, and secondly, it will show the harmful consequences this vast media coverage has.

The primary reason why media content based on rumors around celebrities is deleterious is its adversarial effect on children’s and teenagers’ moral qualities. Not only is it unmoral, but it also makes children mean towards others, which can be observed at schools, where, for instance, bullying has become a widespread disaster. As a result, yellow press nurtures the least decent qualities in youngsters on a wholesale scale.

Another point to consider is a plague of depression among children and on no account should its danger be underestimated. Youth follow stars and celebrities in social networks, observe their posh fake lives and suffer from inability to live like their idols. Happy as theircareless lives are, children still suffer from foul moodcaused by mass media. For instance, several students have even committed suicide recently in the USA after a continuous depression.

In conclusion, summarizing the stated above, I am firmly convinced that media coverage of lives of celebrities is both unethical and dangerous for children. By catering adults’nasty demands, they spoil children’s delicate minds thus enriching a soil for bullying and depression.


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