IELTS Advantages&Disadvantages Essay: Tourism

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IELTS Advantages&Disadvantages Essay: Tourism

Advantages and Disadvantages Essay (Band 8)

A lot of places in the world rely on tourism as a main source of income. Unfortunately, tourism can also be a source of problems if it is not managed correctly.

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of tourism in the modern world. Do you think that benefits of tourism outweighs its drawbacks?

Эссе моей студентки  (Band 7.5). в 4 шага👇👇👇

Шаг 1 : формулируем 1 преимущество и 1 недостаток во вступлении + пишем какую сторону поддерживаем:

Being financially beneficial, the tourism industry is generating a high degree of controversy as it is invariably associated with issues caused by inefficient management. In my opinion, the benefits of this activity far outweigh its drawbacks as possible environmental damage can be easily prevented with sufficient revenue that tourists bring.

Шаг 2: поясняем позицию, которую выбрали + пример:

Admittedly,  the flow of tourists inevitably poses a question concerning environmental protection. This is because foreigners’ observing local cultural spots might unintentionally destruct the eco-system which is known to be vulnerable to such intensive interference. Another possible consequence is that locals, being exposed to westernized cultural patterns, can potentially lose their cultural identity. For example, it has been recently revealed that African tribes are now facing a looming linguistic crisis as fewer and fewer of them are capable of communicating in minor dialects.

Шаг 3: поясняем другую сторону (в нашем случае преимущества):

Nevertheless, despite the disadvantages above, I am firmly convinced that tourism is a fundamental element of local economic security. Not only is it the major source of income for local enterprises, but it also ensures social prosperity through minimizing the unemployment rate in the long run. The government and society have to maintain a united front on the issue of tourism development to attract foreign investments, thus, generating income for regional needs. For instance, after taking the leading position among Asian tourist destinations, Thailand doubled its GDP rate.

Шаг 4️⃣4: в заключении дублируем мнение:

In conclusion, financial and social benefits resulted from tourists’ visits far outweigh minor drawbacks such as ecological risks. It is high time the first steps were taken in promotion of local cultural heritage.

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