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Some people think that schools should switch from print textbooks to digital textbooks on tablets, while others disagree. Discuss both point of view and give your own opinion.


Ii is often argued that educational institutions should implement digital textbooks on tablets instead of print textbooks, whilst opponents disagree. I completely support the latter view because print workbookshas proven its considerable influence educational process. Firstly, this essay will elucidate the assumed opportunities of digital textbooks, and secondly, will analyze the proven benevolent impact on student’s comprehensionof knowledge.


On the one hand, the opponentsof usage digital textbooks claim that implementation of these devices might add the newest cutting-edge technologies into educational process. Not only will schoolers receive opportunities to searching information in the Internet, but they will also completetheir tasks at home and send it for checking in advance.  However, it is clear that this digital equipment requires adding support, such as free internet for updating; furthermore, it aggravates children’s eyesight. For example, in 2014 having carried out research among British students, scientists revealed the deterioration of children’s eyesight by more than 50%.


On the other hand, on no account should the proven long-lasting favourableimpact on children’s educational process be ignored. In other words, large quantities of students were taught by using of text books, and this approach has proven its advantage. If it were not textbooks, global society would be deprived the indescribable feeling of touching the paper. For instance, in 2017 survey in London’s schools showed that the overwhelming majority of adolescents prefer textbooks than digital textbooks on tablets.



In conclusion, taking into account all that is written above, I am firmly convinced that print textbooks ought to remain in education. This is due to the fact that paper workbookshave proved its efficiency and it will remain timeless classic in the long run.



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