Success is often measured by wealth and material belongings. Do you agree that wealth is the best measure of success? What makes a successful person?


It is often argued that wealth takes on the role of personal value identification. In my opinion, it is not financial accomplishments, but being occupied with what a person has passion for  that determines a degree of success.

The major reason why material assets rarely demonstrate how successful their owner is that it is virtually impossible to evaluate personal progress on this basis. In other words, an individual  cannot be considered as being worth admiring unless they  are advancing in professional terms even though a wide range of goods might be accessible to them. For instance, the majority of high salaried managers are able to afford brand new cars despite stagnation in their careers, which reveals a glaring discrepancy between their income level and professional value. Thus, personal growth, accompanied by vocational achievements, is what defines genuine prosperity.

In contrast to deceiving luxurious belongings, the factor that accurately demonstrates individual prosperity is dedication to their professional activity. Not only is this passion a fundamental element of successfully developing a career, but it also brings both material benefits and job satisfaction, which is crucial for personal well-being. Constant professional evolution is, therefore, sacrosanct  for personal success. For instance, it has been recently revealed that employees, aiming for continuous improvement in the scope of their sphere rather than financial benefits, are more likely to achieve outstanding positions.

In conclusion, I am firmly convinced that on no account should financial prosperity be a measurement of human success, as it correlates neither with vocational accomplishments nor with the social status.

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