Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?


It is often believed that a multiple choice is provided to modern generation in all spheres. This essay agrees that a great variety of opportunities and services are beneficial for the society. First, this position will be proven by an analysis of people’s ability for free relocation in the world. A discussion of wide range of products and ways of their purchasing will also support the view stated above.

The main reason why the modern community is pamperedin its choice is an opportunity for free travelling and living all over the world. To put it differently, by openingthe borders and simplificationof customs control, people are provided a convenient way to choose their desired location. Moreover, not onlydoes free movement improve a genetical fundof human beings, but it also cooperates people from the cultural point of view. For example, according to recent study people of immigration friendly countriessuch as Israel or the USA have less difficulties in communication.

Another reason why people are believed to have many choices is a free trade market that exists nowadays. In other words, rarely do peopleunderstand that fashionable clothes wearing or having exotic food preferences would be more problematic without unlimited accessto goods and services provided by the international market. Additionally, on no accountshould the significant role of the internet as the main products provider these days be ignored. For instance, according to the statistics the major part of world inhabitants prefers internet shopping rather than traditional one because of trademarks and trends diversity what was not available before.

In conclusion, I am firmly convinced that there are plural options in every area of human activities these days which is highly favourable. This is due to the reduction of territorial and social obstaclesand unlimited whirlof goods. 304

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