Some people think that schools should switch from print textbooks to digital textbooks on tablets, while others disagree. Discuss both point of view and give your own opinion

It is sometimes argued that paper schoolbooks have to be replaced by electronic gadgets. However, there are opponents of such point of view. I support the former view because digital books are more affordable than printed ones. Firstly, this essay will discuss the assumed positive impact of traditional sources of information on youngsters’ academic performance, and secondly, it will analyze the financial benefit of reducing the number of schoolbooks.

On the one hand, opponents of textbooks’ computerizationbase their opinion on the assumption that gaining information is easier from paper rather from screen, consequently, children are likely to obtain better marks. However, rarely do peoplerealize that such approachoperates just emotions, not the numbers and investigations. For example, having conducteda research among 1000 students who are learning via tablet PCs, scientists have revealed no difference in academic performance among youngsters with traditional.

On the other hand, on no account shouldthe importance of tablets’ financial gain be ignored and I agree with this benefit. In other words, electronic books are more affordable than printed ones and, by investing in eBooks, students are able to save money. Therefore, it is high timethe schools and students started using tablets instead of paper books. For example, according to Ontario’s Ministry of Education annual report, every student who replaced their set of schoolbooks with a tabled saved at least 1000 dollars in 2018.

In conclusion, though people may vary in their opinions,, I am firmly convinced that in educational processes digital devices are more preferable than printed books. This is due to the fact that such replacement is able to bring capital gainto students/reduce financial burden.





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