Some people think that violent video games contribute to youth violence, while others disagree. Discuss both point of view and give your own opinion.

It is sometimes argued that youngsters’ brutality is increasing due to cruel computer games. However, there are opponents of such point of view. I support the former view because such activities form dangerous behavior patterns. Firstly, this essay will discuss the assumed positive impact of the fightings on players’ reaction and concentration, and secondly, it will analyze the transferring game episodes into reality.

On the one hand, proponents of brutal game industry products base their opinion on the assumption that shooters and horrors are able to improve such skills as attention to details and high speed of making the decisions. However, it is clear that children have vulnerable personalities and, thrilling as cruel video games are, they can decrease player’s perception. For example, according to opinion poll conducted by Levada Centre, pupils who prefer shooters and horrors at the day before an exam gained a quarter lower score than those ones who played quests and strategies.

On the other hand, on no account should the negative impact of brutal computer games on children’s behavior be ignored. In other words, youngsters due to their immature mindsets tend to transfer game scenes to real life. Rarely do people understand that if it were not for influence of fighters and shooters, children would be more psychically steady. For example, having conducted a research among students, scientists of Asian National University have revealed that 80% of school fights were among violent games players.

In conclusion, taking all written above in account, I am firmly convinced that cruel behavior of young players can be the result of the game genre they prefer. This is due to the fact that youngsters’ characters and mentality are fragile as youngsters’ character and mentality and can be affected by game scenes.

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