Foreign visitors should pay more than local visitors for cultural and historical attractions. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion



It is often argued that local authorities should charge more entrance fees for visitors from abroad rather than local citizens. This essay completely disagrees with that point of view. First, this position will be proven by an analysis of the correlation between quantity of visitors and profitability__ and secondly, discuss the moral aspect of equal opportunities for all human.



The main reason why there is a stringent connection between the number of guests and revenue is that the morevisitors attend local attractions, the more profit might be generated for regional authorities. Not only dothe equal payments increase the number of visitors, but it also results in accumulating significant profit, which might be spent on subsidization these museums and exhibitions. For example, in 2014 the Japanese government decreased the entrance fees for foreigners for the attending of local museums, as a result, the annual revenue rocketed by more than twice.



Another reason why the opportunity to see various world’s masterpieces have to be similar for all citizens stems frommoral human’s culture.  In other words, only by havingthe equal opportunity to see and observe the heritage of various cultures can people around the world become more polite and friendly. The morepeople comprehend different traditions, heritages, the more they morph into tolerant people. Norway is a prime example, where in 2016 scientists revealed that due to the equal opportunities to visit local historical attractions Norwegians were admitted the most tolerant nation in the world.



In conclusion, taken into account all that is mentioned above, I am firmly convinced that the payment for attending various cultural and historical places in the world hasto be similarfor all people. On no accountshould the entrance fees for opportunity to admire world’s masterpieces be made different for local and foreign citizens.

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